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Established in 1972, Aircraft Electric Motors is an internationally recognized rewind/repair facility with FAA and EASA approvals. Over the past 47 years we have perfected the process of rewinding and repairing units in a timely manner while never jeopardizing the quality of work for our customers. We manufacture our own coils and make our own kits for each unit, allowing for maximum quality control. Our experience and knowledge in the industry allows us to reduce the time and costs involved in repairing each part.
Currently we are rewinding on the R&O side and winding on the Production side. We have many manufacturer's approvals and produce rewinds for most of the major air carriers across the world as well as being heavily involved in many military applications. Having expanded our shop to 60,000 Sq. feet, our capabilities are constantly expanding proving that there is nothing we can't do here at AEM.