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Prototyping is the life blood of every concept and design which is why Aircraft Electric Motors is committed to success with every project we take on. Our dedicated staff of engineers knows the importance of prototypes in that they give the end user the capabilities to test the product in real world situations. 
Prototypes are crucial when developing new products; it allows one to evaluate its design, dimensions, movements, flaws and compatibility with other products. We will work side by side with your team to ensure you get the prototype you need before you make the leap to final production. Thanks to our fully functional machine shop we have the capability to make every part of the prototype in house so our customers know that quality of their prototype and the information that comes along with it will never be compromised.
Aircraft Electric Motors knows the importance of information security. We have the systems in place to ensure that everything from renderings to the final product is secure and safe giving our customers piece of mind. From initial design and concept to complete prototype, and into production, AEM will work with your team to ensure the delivery of a quality product.