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Coil Rewinds

Some industries do not seem to jump out and grab your attention. The Coil rewinding business may be that type of industry that does not scream for attention but provides a very essential function. That might be because many people may just assume that aircraft and helicopter companies that utilize equipment like coils know how to do everything related to usage, storage and maintenance of such equipment. However, that is not necessarily so. Aircraft Electric Motors provides coil rewind services, and serves as equipment specialists that specifically works with coils.

Coil rewinds are a service offered by AEM; we provide our services to a variety of different customers across a broad span of industries. These industries include commercial, corporate and military clients. The major differences between clients and industries that utilize coil rewinds are their industry specific needs.

Whether it is for an aviation business or any other type of industry, these types of businesses make up a large percentage of our regular clients for coil rewind services. Cargo and freight shipping companies, along with logistics operations, serve as the bulk of the clientele who utilize external companies for their own coil rewinds. With such heavy equipment at stake, these companies cannot afford to have a project or delivery placed on hold or even delayed due to a glitch with the coil.

Coil Rewind

The military serves as a consistent client for AEM. A coil rewind company like Aircraft Electric Motors works on military needs at various bases across the nation or throughout the globe. We also work with equipment housed on military aircrafts or military equipment that is utilized for special operations. As defense contractors, companies like this one offers the military specific types of support that may not fall under any category or classification that the military could handle itself. Therefore, coil rewind jobs for the defense contracts might require staff members to obtain high level security clearance, passports and intensive background checks and fingerprinting clearances in order to best serve the military's needs.

Coil rewinds are a specialized business service. Companies like Aircraft Electric Motors operate in the industry, providing coil rewinding services to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Coil Rewinds