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Aviation Rewinding Shops

At AEM, we are one of the most knowledgeable aviation rewinding shops and we take the aviation rewind process very seriously. There are many checks and security measures put into place when a customer's airline rotor arrives at AEM, or Aircraft Electronic Motors. In addition, our aviation rewinding shop also manufactures their own coils for repair work of rotors as well; this, in conjunction with security checks helps to ensure proper FAA procedures are maintained.

Aviation Rewind

First of all, AEM caters to all varieties of airliners, including commercial and privately-owned aviation vehicles. The professionals at AEM have been servicing airline parts for many years, and are knowledgeable in all aspects of aviation rewinds.

When airline rotors are received by AEM, they first undergo a critical checking process. This process begins with the Chief Inspector opening the received aviation packages, and then they begin their first inspections in our aviation rewind shop. A major part of the Chief Inspector's job is to ensure that the received aviation rotor parts match the parts, and part and purchase order for AEM.

Aviation Rewind Shop

Next, a Work Order and Teardown Inspection report are created for the aviation rotor parts. What this process does is to label each of the aviation parts with a specific corresponding purchase order number. Once this process has been completed, AEM will then be able to monitor the progress of the aviation rewind throughout the stages of the workshops. To ensure parts are completely inspected, after the Chief Inspector is content with the inspections, the Inspector will then engrave the work order to an attached Work Order tag.

The general process for the aviation rewind starts with inspecting and repairing the rotor's armature. The armature is typically rebuilt, or even replaced, if the unit is not salvageable. Furthermore, wires within the armature unit are also re-coated if need be; However, the general aviation rewinds process entails disassembling the rotor armature, measuring wire dimensions and turns, and then produces replacement wiring with premium insulation materials within the mandated specifications by the FAA.

There are many aviation rewind shops, but few have the experience of Aircraft Electric Motors.

Aviation Rewinding Shops