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Aircraft Rewinding Shop

Here at Aircraft Electric Motors, we specialize in keeping your aircraft up in the sky and well maintained so that you and your passengers can arrive on time and safely at your chartered destination. We serve clients from all backgrounds of flight here at AEM, so whether you represent a major commercial airline, or own a personal aircraft for small or private flights, or even represent the government or military AEM provides efficient aircraft rewind to have you back up and flying as soon as possible. At our aircraft rewinding shop we'll diagnose your engine or electrical system parts, and have them repaired or replaced using the most advanced repair tools and the most knowledgeable team of aircraft rewinds repair experts.

Aircraft Rewinds

If your aircraft's motor appears to be burnt out or your generator is experiencing shortages in electricity and needs new parts, you can be sure to have them replaced here at one of our shops. We can fabricate new strands of coils and manufacture new parts all the way from AC/DC components, rotors, starter components, or armatures to replace your burnt out or broken generator parts. Our team of engineers knows how to design these replacement parts and have them manufactured up to specification for your aircraft, and here at our aircraft rewinding shop we'll have them parts inspected and delivered to you in a timely manner so that your aircraft can get back to flying.

Aircraft Rewind Shop

This aircraft rewind shop understands that when selecting a repair company for major repairs for your aircraft, that a well-known trusted company is a must, and here at AEM we have certifications from agencies such as the FAA, the ARSA, and the OWDE. Our company has been in operation for over 40 years, and whether or not your aircraft repair needs are large or small, our aircraft rewind technicians are here to address all of them.

Aircraft Rewinding Shop